sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

These are a few of my favourite things

Time Flies, I can´t believe I've in UNI for a month already. I'm in mid terms right know and it is kind of stressful, so I'm writing this post to get away from reviewing, and start blogging again. Here I go:

"These are a few of my favourite  things" (insert My favourite things by Julie Andrews)

1. Casio Digital WR Time Stop Watch Gold Steel Band: That was a long name. Since last year I've been lusting over this watch and I finally got it. I love how simple and classic is and how my mom says it reminds her of  the 80's; I wear this every day, it goes amazing with every outfit so how can you not love it, also i must admit that is easier to have a digital watch, if you know what I mean ( wink wink ).

2.Batiste Dry Shampoo "Original": If you are a lazy girl like you know that this is our best friend. I don't wash my hair everyday, first because It is bad for your hair and second because i don't have time; I wake up everyday at 5 am that barely gives me time to shower,eat, dress and put make up on, so styling my hair it's not an option; I put this on ever time I feel my hair is dirty and ta-da !

3. Ed. Sheeran - Multiply: I can't stop listening to this album. Ed. Sheeran is one of my favourite musicians so obviously I would be listening to this non stop, I think i don't need more explanation you just need to listen it and you will understand. My favourite song in the album is "Afire Love", obviously this is changing constantly  but right now is my #1.

4.The Summer I Turned Pretty - Jenny Han: This month i re-read the summer book series and Dear Lord ! I fell in love for the second time. I don't know what it is with these books but every time I read them I fell completely and utterly happy. Is a love story which revolves around a girl, two brothers and a summer house. It is a summer read, so it is really light and entertaining. 
5. Fuji-film instax mini 8 Instant Film Camara in Yellow: Shake it, Shake it like a polarid picture ( insert Outcast - Hey Ya! song ). I got this baby as a late birthday present from my dad, after been on my wishlist for a year, so as you can imagine I was pretty excited. Since i got it I've been trying to take pictures of everything that makes me feel happy: friends, family or just cool stuff and then in a year I can look at them and see if  I feel the same way I used to do with those "things".

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