domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Inspirational Mondays!

Hello Internet,

It's 10:07 at night on a Sunday and an amazing idea popped into my head. Actually, I should be reading some things (a lot of things)  for UNI but when a good idea comes to your mind you should stop everything and pay attention to it. I'll explain what this idea is about.
 I decided to create "Inspirational Mondays". We all know that Mondays are known for being the worst days of the week, generally we need a little push in order to get through it and start the week in a good way so I'm going to help you with that; Every Monday I'll be posting some kind of inspiration in order to make your and my Monday a little bit better, this inspiration will consist in a quote and song or artist, it might change and develop into something more but I'll start with this.
Tomorrow I'll start with the "Inspirational Mondays" and I promise that I will continue to post every Monday  at least for the month of September.

Sincerely and Tired, Daniela. xx

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