lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

Inspirational Monday #4

Today I saw a video that I think it needs to be shared, and no only every girl but every boy should see it and really think about their perspective of pretty. This topic is something that I really struggle with, every day I'm constantly fighting with myself, a part of me thinks that mi not good enough and I'm not perfect and the other part knows that I am good enough and I am perfect, Everyone is. Constantly girls are feeling like myself on in worst cases they totally believe that they are not good enough, that they are no pretty and that they need to fit in society's perception of perfect, if you think like this is normal it is really difficult to think different because now all we learn since we are little is  that in order to succeed you need to fit in, especially us, girls. But no this is so not true; why should we fit in, why can we change that perspective, why can´t we be our own self without others telling us who we should be. Please stop thinking that you need to make everyone happy when the only person that needs to be happy is YOU, it is always going to be you, and you can make whatever you like with your appearance and you can be whoever you like, there are no limits.

I'll post the video that inspired me down here, Katy Bellote is the girl who posted it, She is a youtuber and you really need to check her youtube channel it is amazing and She puts so much effort on her videos that you are really glad that you take time to watch them.


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